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"Beyond Boundaries: Exploring Deeper Insights into Sexual Health with Advanced Testing"

Your sexual health is a complex mosaic that intersects with various aspects of your overall well-being. Amidst this intricate landscape, the significance of prioritizing sexual health check-ups becomes even more apparent. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) represent a challenging reality that transcends boundaries, affecting individuals regardless of age, gender, or background. Our "Advanced Sexual Health Package" is meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive exploration of your sexual well-being, analyzing vital biomarkers that contribute to a holistic understanding of your sexual health.

STIs, comprising an array of bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections, can exert profound effects on not only physical health but also emotional and social spheres. By embracing regular sexual health check-ups, you actively engage in a preventive approach, ensuring early detection and timely management of potential STIs. Beyond personal well-being, this approach contributes to the broader landscape of public health by curbing transmission and fostering safer sexual practices within communities.

Our "Advanced Sexual Health Package" takes a bold stride, incorporating a more extensive spectrum of biomarkers to unveil insights into your sexual health journey. The inclusion of parameters such as VDRL, Anti HIV 1-2, Neisseria Gonorrhea, HBsAg, and Anti HCV underscores our commitment to empowering you with a comprehensive assessment. By illuminating the presence or absence of these markers, we provide a roadmap towards making informed choices that safeguard not only your sexual health but also that of your partners.

What Can I Learn from this Test? 

Welcome to the realm of sexual health empowerment through our "Advanced Sexual Health Package." This package delves into a broader spectrum of biomarkers, encompassing:

VDRL: Early detection of syphilis infections, enabling prompt intervention and minimizing potential complications.

Anti HIV 1-2: A fundamental step in understanding your HIV status, vital for effective management and prevention.

HBsAg: Detecting the presence of Hepatitis B virus surface antigen, a crucial parameter for assessing Hepatitis B infection risk.

Anti HCV: Unveiling insights into Hepatitis C infection status, contributing to informed decisions about further assessment and care.

Your journey towards optimal sexual health begins with knowledge. By undergoing the "Advanced Sexual Health Package," you embark on a path of understanding, awareness, and empowerment. Take charge of your sexual health narrative and embrace a safer, healthier, and more informed future.

Whats Include Test ?

  • STIs
Which Parameters are Included in the Test?

  • VDRL (Syphilis)
  • Anti HIV 1-2
  • HBsAg
  • Anti HCV (Hepatitis C)
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