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Paternity test, also known as DNA paternity testing, is a scientific procedure used to establish the biological relationship between a man and a child. The primary aim of paternity testing is to determine whether a man is the biological father of a specific child. This type of testing utilizes the analysis of genetic markers in the DNA of the potential father, child, and sometimes the mother, to assess the likelihood of a biological connection.

In Paternity Test, DNA samples are collected through non-invasive methods,  as a simple mouth swab. The potential father, child, and sometimes the mother provide samples. These samples contain cells that carry DNA, which is then analyzed in a laboratory.

The laboratory analyzes specific genetic markers, known as DNA microsatellites or short tandem repeats (STRs), in the samples. These markers are highly variable among individuals, making them useful for identifying genetic similarities and differences.

The DNA markers of the child are compared to those of the potential father. If there is a high degree of similarity between the child's markers and those of the potential father, it indicates a strong likelihood of a biological relationship. Conversely, a lack of similarity suggests that the tested man is not the biological father.

Our Paternity test is highly accurate, with probabilities of paternity often exceeding 99.9% or higher in cases where a biological relationship exists. If there is no relationship the result of the test reported as 0%. 

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  • 25 DNA Marker
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