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Ancestry DNA test, also known as genetic genealogy testing, is a scientific method that uses an individual's DNA to uncover information about their ancestral origins and genetic heritage. This type of testing examines specific genetic markers in an individual's DNA to provide insights into their ethnic and geographic origins, as well as potential connections to distant relatives within a global population.

Ancestry DNA testing can reveal the geographic regions where an individual's ancestors likely originated. It provides a breakdown of the individual's genetic composition, showing the percentages of DNA associated with various ethnic groups and populations.

By analyzing specific genetic markers, ancestry DNA testing can provide information about historical migration patterns of one's ancestors. This helps individuals understand the journeys their forebears took across different continents and regions.

The process of ancestry DNA testing involves collecting a DNA sample, usually through a simple mouth swab. The DNA is then analyzed to identify specific markers known as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that are associated with different populations. By comparing these markers to reference databases and genetic information from different parts of the world,  an estimation of an individual's ancestral origins is provided.

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